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Suffix Automaton Review & Study Note

Suffix Automaton Study Note This is a review & note for studying suffix automaton. What is a Suffix Automaton? In computer science, a suffix automaton is the smallest partial deterministic finite automaton that recognizes the set of suffixes of a given string(computer_science). The above definition is a short excerpt from Wikipedia about suffix automaton. From the definiton of […]

Reading Note: Introductory Combinatorics 2

Chapter 3: Pigeonhole Principle This is a reading note of Introductory Combinatorics by Richard A. Brualdi. The following aspects are ones that are most important within this chapter: Simple Version of Pigeonhole Principle Application of Simple Pigeonhole Principle Enhanced Version of Pigeonhole Principle Applications of Enhanced Pigeonhole Principle Ramsey Theorem […]

Reading Note: Introductory Combinatorics 1

[latexpage] Chapter 2: Permutation and Combination This is a reading note of Introductory Combinatorics by Richard A. Brualdi. There are several important aspects within this chapter that I will include in this. Four Basic Counting Principle Permutation & Combination within Single Set Permutation & Combination within Multiple Sets Finite Possibility […]

Codeforces Educational Round46

Last Update: July, 2018 First time post a codeforces contest. Don’t know how to do the last one.. emm… Save this for later   Since this is only a Div 2, so I won’t include much explanation(took me centuries to finish). Typesetting is to0 hard… A: Just do it #include […]