AP European History Note

AP European History Chapter 1 html {overflow-x: initial !important;}:root { --bg-color:#ffffff; --text-color:#333333; --select-text-bg-color:#B5D6FC; --select-text-font-color:auto; --monospace:"Lucida Console",Consolas,"Courier",monospace; } html { font-size: 14px; background-color: … Continue reading

Codeforces Round514 Div2 D & E

Problem D Solution: This is a pretty interesting one. At first glance, we have a initial idea to do a binary search on the result. It seems pretty reasonable to have a solution run in $\mathcal{O}(\mathrm{n}\log(\mathrm{C}))$.Therefore, we only have to figure out a way to check the answer within … Continue reading