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BZOJ4027: Rabbits and Sakura [HEOI2015]

Problem Description: You are given a sakura tree(try to be descriptive). At each node of the tree(actually a tree structure!), there is a weight and children nodes. The rabbits want to remove as many nodes as possible on the sakura tree(don’t know why) while following the several rules. For each […]

BZOJ1556: The Secret of the Grave

Problem Description: You start at a point (sx,sy). There are T gravestones at on the map. You can destroy(diss joy?) a gravestone by touch the four sides that are adjacent to it. After destroying a gravestone, the gravestone turns into a wall, which you cannot pass through. As a Übermensch, […]

BZOJ3223: Artful SBT

Problem Description: Given a sequence comprised of numbers from 1 – N in order. There are M operations. Each operation will flip a sequence [l,r]. Please output the finally formed sequence. Input Format: One line with the number N and M. The next M lines contain two numbers l and […]

BZOJ-1002: Rotavirus [FJOI2007]

Problem Description: There are many variety to the rotavirus. Some of them follow the structure in the image below(graph 1.1), where there are connections between every node on the circumference with the center and with its neighbour. Specifically, we define the N-sided virus as a virus that for every pairs […]

BZOJ-1001: Wolf and Rabbits

Since the original problem is in another language, I will just translate it into English(may not be as “descriptive”). Problem Description: The Wolf King wants to catch Rabbits, a given graph is listed below.  The Rabbits live in (1,1), the northwest corner, and they want to go to the southeast […]

BZOJ-1000: A + B Problem

Hi, this is the very first Blog I wrote! Since I am an OIer, this is going to be about programming problems! Let’s begin with a simple one. Problem Description: Given two numbers A, B, print the output of  A + B ( A,B ≤ ). Sample Input:  1 2 Sample Output: 3 Ideas: Emm.., […]